Reasons to use environmental duct cleaning services
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  • $35.00 per vent,
  • clean and sanitize grills,
  • clean and sanitize ducts,
  • clean and sanitize air handler,
  • change air filter
$35/per Vent 
Complete Tune Up
Was $125.00... 
NOW ONLY $75.00

Check freon pressures and add if needed  
Check and clean condenser coils  
Check and adjust blower components
Test themostat for accuracy and calibrate
Check and tighten electrical connections
Check indoor motor amps
Clean the drain line
Add algae tablets to the drain pan
Change air filters
Oil fan motor
Wipe and santitize air handler cabinet

Check stating ability of system
Test safety controls
Oil outdoor fan motor
Check compressor motor amps
Clean compressor compartment
Check outdoor fan motor amps
Check compressor motor amps
Check supply plenum for leaks
Inspect indoor coils for proper air flow
Test run capacitor for corrrect mfd's
Check contactor points for pitting